The Benefits Of Using Fillers

The Benefits Of Using Fillers – We live in an age where you can have a lot of control over your appearance. We all know that a healthy and active lifestyle can do wonders to maintain your youthful look. However, when it’s not enough to get things to look just the want you want them, you may need to look for a solution that can complement your hard work. It’s precisely where
Juvederm fillers come into play. Indeed, if you want to improve your appearance without the hassle of surgery, dermal fillers may be the right option for you.

Non-invasive reshaping for your facial features

Sports and the right diet can help you to shape your body. However, your active lifestyle can’t transform your face. If
you are not satisfied with your facial features or if you want to create a harmonious appearance, you can use fillers to
change proportions in a natural-looking way. People who have a receding chin, for instance, can use chin fillers to
create a subtle enhancement. It is a fantastic way of making other features, such as your nose, appear smaller by
creating a new focal point. You can completely transform the shape of your chin and jaw, using jawline fillers to draw
a sharp profile that will look natural. And finally, if you’ve been using contouring makeup to highlight your
cheekbones, you can also use cheek fillers to design your dream cheekbones.

Taking years off your face in minutes

As we grow older, our skin loses its elastic appearance and can sag in places. Dermal fillers can help to address the
issue without affecting your mobility. As a rule of thumb, fillers don’t distract from your natural features. They only
enhance what is already there, which means that you get to look exactly like yourself, just a little more youthful and
rested. Lip fillers are a favourite to get these fuller and youthful lips you crave. Combined with under eyes fillers, or
tear trough fillers that correct the hollow and dark rings, you can take a full decade off your face! Tear trough fillers,
especially, are a hit for people who struggle with tired-looking eyes.

No downtime treatment

The Juvederm hyaluronic acid fillers offer a quick and straightforward process. Depending on what you need doing,
the full procedure can take only a few minutes, which makes it perfect for a lunch break appointment. You can carry
on with your everyday activities as usual without any recovery time. Unlike surgery, dermal fillers are not permanent,
but they can last up to 18 months for a simple 10-minute treatment!

Minimal side effects with Juvederm fillers

As explained, dermal fillers are no surgical intervention. As such, you will not experience any recovery time. However,
you might have some redness or slight swelling or even bruising to the injected area. Most of these will disappear
within a few hours and can be safely hidden with makeup. There is a little discomfort to expect as we inject the fillers
under your skin. But it isn’t a painful procedure as we use a numbing cream to treat the area.

Hopefully, this brief overview can help you to understand the benefits of using dermal fillers and whether it is the
treatment for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Harley Street Injectables if you have further questions!