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Harley Street Injectables are rated an average of 5 out of 5 based on 500 reviews

Our Team of vetted, qualified practitioners continuously undergo rigorous training and are wholly committed to offering the latest innovative techniques in line with the most up-to-date aesthetic advancements. We strive to excel patients’ needs and expectations with a unique approach to treatments, creating a personalised prescription to suit your needs. With a combined experience of 50+ years, our world-renowned practitioners provide unparalleled patient satisfaction, care and safety. Trust and patient confidentiality are our priorities.

We’re effortlessly refined; luxurious without the pretence. We’re approachable experts who educate to empower. We’re honest and caring with your best interests at heart. We’re conscious creators who live and breathe aesthetics

Alice Henshaw, Founder and Director at Harley Street Injectables

Alice Henshaw is the Founder and Medical Director of Harley Street Injectables. She holds registrations in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. Since she established the clinic in 2014, Alice, an NMC Registered Independent Nurse Prescriber, has made a name for herself in the medical aesthetics industry. Her career began as a cardiac nurse in Auckland, and after completing her master’s in London, she developed a deep interest in aesthetic medicine.

Renowned for her advanced injection techniques, Alice is committed to providing tailored, high-quality care. Her expertise not only includes patient treatment but also extends to training other practitioners and making significant contributions as a key opinion leader (KOL) in the industry. Specializing in advanced Botox and filler treatments, her approach is ethical and client-focused, setting a high standard for personalized aesthetic care.

In addition to speaking at aesthetic conferences and training other injectors, Alice has received numerous accolades. She was a finalist for Best Aesthetic Nurse in the UK and Best Clinic London at the 2024 Aesthetic Awards. She won Best Clinic and Skin Treatments in London at the 2022 Healthcare and Pharma Awards, and was Highly Commended as a Rising Star at the Aesthetic Awards 2021. She has also been nominated as Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year and Clinic of the Year for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 for Safety in Beauty and the Aesthetic Awards.

Alice’s success is evident from her international clientele and extensive press coverage. With a dedicated following of clients, she has become a favorite in skincare and cosmetics, known for delivering powerful, long-lasting results. Furthermore, she has published case studies on her findings in cosmetic injectables.

Alice aims to provide every client with a highly tailored one-to-one service. She is motivated by the desire to avoid offering clients a look that is merely trending or unnecessary, as neither approach recognizes an individual’s uniqueness.

Achieving natural, balanced, and predictable results from cosmetic injectable treatments requires experience, an in-depth understanding of anatomy, and a special appreciation for an individual’s face. To maintain the industry-leading standards her patients expect, Alice prioritizes recruiting, retaining, and developing top medical professionals.

She has carefully selected her team for their exceptional skills and has trained them in her unique injectable techniques.

Valentina, Clinic Manager and NMC Registered Nurse Prescriber

Valentina, an accomplished NMC Registered Nurse Prescriber and Aesthetician, is the Clinic Manager at Harley Street Injectables. Prior to joining the team, she enriched her expertise at the Harrods wellness clinic. Currently advancing her skills with a nurse prescriber’s master’s at King’s College London, Valentina is dedicated to helping patients achieve their skin goals, enhancing their confidence.

With a background in non-surgical aesthetics, minor and major surgery, and A&E, her experience is extensive. Valentina offers an array of treatments including advanced injectables like Botox, dermal filler, biostimulators, and body fillers. Her approach to aesthetics is deeply personal, focusing on individualized consultations and treatments. She believes in honest conversations and informative discussions to elevate natural beauty and achieve realistic goals. As Clinic Manager, her expertise and leadership are integral to providing bespoke, high-quality care to every client.

Emily, NMC Registered Nurse Prescriber and Aesthetic Practitioner

NMC Registered Nurse  and Aesthetician Emily, a registered general nurse, deeply invested in aesthetic medicine, brings her expertise to Harley Street Injectables. With her educational background from London South Bank University and Dublin City University, and her experience in cardiology, Emily transitioned to aesthetic medicine in 2021. Her qualifications include a Level 7 in Dermal Fillers from the Aesthetic Training Academy of Ireland and extensive training across the UK and Ireland.

Emily’s approach is patient-centered, focusing on enhancing natural beauty through injectable treatments. She is known for her gentle technique and commitment to patient education. Her skill set covers a wide range of botox and dermal filler injectable and skin treatments. Emily prioritizes safety in every procedure, having completed injectable complications training and being a member of BACN and aesthetics complications group.

Emily’s philosophy in aesthetics is grounded in personalized care. She believes in empowering her patients through informative discussions, guiding them to their skin goals and boosting confidence. Her passion for injectables, coupled with her continuous pursuit of knowledge in the field, makes her a valuable addition to the Harley Street Injectables team.

Tiffanie, NMC Registered Nurse and Aesthetic Practitioner

Tiffanie, an MMC Registered Nurse originally from Los Angeles, brings a wealth of experience to Harley Street Injectables. With a robust background in ICU nursing, she has honed her skills in patient care under high-pressure environments. Before joining the team, Tiffanie contributed her expertise to various aesthetic clinics in London, including the prestigious Harley Street.

Her passion in aesthetics is centered around Botox, fillers, and fat-dissolving treatments. Tiffanie’s approach combines her intensive care experience with her aesthetic practice, ensuring patient safety and satisfaction. Her dedication to aesthetics is evident in her commitment to providing tailored treatments that align with each client’s unique needs and aspirations.


At Harley Street Injectables, Tiffanie’s dynamic expertise and compassionate approach make her a highly valued member of the team, where she continues to enrich her practice through ongoing education and dedication to delivering exceptional aesthetic outcomes.

Nicola, Aesthetician at Harley Street Injectables

Nicola, a seasoned aesthetician with over 17 years in the field, specializes in a range of advanced skin treatments. Her expertise includes tailored laser therapies, PRP, chemical peels, HIFU, and medical facials. Nicola’s journey in aesthetics began in 2004, working across various esteemed Harley Street establishments. Her skill set has evolved to include not just skin treatments but also PRP therapies for hair loss and skin rejuvenation, thanks to her certification as an NHS Phlebotomist.

Driven by the desire to achieve outstanding client satisfaction, Nicola adopts a custom approach to each client’s needs, focusing on acne, scarring, and pigmentation with notable success. Her commitment to continuous learning ensures she stays at the forefront of the dynamic aesthetics industry. Clients appreciate Nicola’s approachable and reassuring presence, making her a trusted professional in her field.

Hazel, Aesthetician at Harley Street Injectables

Hazel, an experienced aesthetician from New Zealand, brings over ten years of expertise to Harley Street Injectables, specializing in non-injectable treatments. Her areas of proficiency include lasers, chemical peels, and micro-needling, addressing a wide range of skincare concerns.


Hazel’s approach is distinguished by her bubbly and friendly demeanor, making clients feel instantly at ease. She combines her meticulous technique with a dedication to client satisfaction, ensuring personalized and effective treatment outcomes. Committed to staying current with industry advancements, Hazel’s passion for skincare is evident in the transformative results she delivers to her clients.

Jennifer, Head of Customer Care and Administration

Jennifer brings a unique blend of scientific expertise and exceptional customer service skills to her role as the Head of Admin and Customer Care. With an academic background in biomedicine, she possesses a deep understanding of the complexities within the field, enabling her to offer insightful and accurate information to clients and team members alike.

Her journey in customer service spans over eight years, marked by a dedication to excellence and a commitment to providing the highest level of support. Jennifer’s superior knowledge is not just limited to her academic field; she has an expansive understanding of customer care principles, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

She is known for her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to anticipate the needs of both clients and staff. In her role, Jennifer continues to embody the values of our practice: compassion, integrity, and excellence. Her presence is a constant reminder of the importance of blending technical knowledge with human understanding and kindness.

Harley Street Injectables are rated an average

of 5 out of 5 based on 500 reviews

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