Emsculpt Neo

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Emsculpt Neo Treatment

The brand new Emsculpt Neo is the ultimate body contouring treatment combining Radio Frequency with High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) energy to provide even better muscle building and fat reduction results, with added benefit of skin tightening too, all with no pain and no downtime.

EMSculpt is one of the first body contouring treatments that uses technology to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. The treatment works by delivering high-intensity focussed electromagnetic energy to the chosen area of the body, stimulating thousands of powerful muscle contractions. At a rate of around 20,000 contractions in one 30 minute session, the effects on the body are greater than can be experienced through an intense workout. Celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian swear by it to keep their figures toned and firm.

Why use Emsculpt Neo

Visiting the gym regularly is a past-time that is enjoyed by many people. As well as helping to relieve stress and release energy, this activity is also a great way to keep fit and stay in shape. In some cases, stubborn fat can be difficult to shift, despite the hours put in at the gym. This can be a frustration, as well as causing self-consciousness when the body shows visible pinchable pockets that disrupt the body’s sleek curves.

At Harley Street Injectables our body contouring experts can establish a suitable treatment plan that addresses your individual needs. The results will develop in around 2 – 6 weeks when a firmer, more toned look to the body will become evident. EMSculpt has noticeable effects on the definition and contouring of the area it has been chosen to treat, with many patients also experiencing a loss of up to 19% in body weight.

How does Emsculpt Neo work?

EMsculpt Neo builds off the legacy of its predecessor, EMsculpt, and is the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that combines emitting both radio frequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energies for simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a single 30-minute session. The end result is 30% less fat and 25% more muscle! With just 4 treatments, lasting 30 mins each, scheduled 5-10 days apart, with EMsculpt Neo, you will see more results in less time and with less treatments required! Each treatment is the equivalent of doing 20,000 squats or crunches and targets your muscles deeper in a way that no workout at the gym could ever achieve, all without you having to move a muscle or break a sweat!

Personalised Treatment Packages & Maintenance Programmes

All patients have a full body assessment and treatments are customised to you with personalised body packages for optimum results. And, with multiple machines, we can offer dual sculpting packages and can treat multiple areas at the same time! After your initial course of treatments, we can offer monthly top-up sessions and maintenance packages to keep you in tip top shape all year round, as well as help to prevent muscle loss associated with ageing


EMsculpt Neo is the only treatment to target the tricky the inner thighs and saddle bags areas, plus is best treatment for giving you a non-invasive bum lift, so why not combine it with Ultraformer skin tightening or Morpheus8 to target cellulite for the ultimate leg makeover? What you can expect with Emsculpt:

Long-term results
30 Minutes
Trimer more toned body
  • Remove fat while tightening the muscles of your abdomen.
  • Sculpt your physique to the way you know it should look.
  • For those experiencing “mummy tummy”, you can say goodbye to the body you once knew and enjoy the sculpted body of your dreams.
  • One session is the equivalent of doing 10,000 bicep curls.
  • 18% increase in muscle mass which leads to significantly less wobble on your arms.
  • High-intensity electromagnetic energy helps to combat fat or sagging on the arms.
  • Reducing the excess fat that builds up on your buttocks and hips as you age.
  • Remove unwanted fat in a non-invasive way, sculpting a more defined body shape and allowing you to find clothes that fit easily.
  • Feel confident about your physique, turning back time and increasing your confidence.
  • Remove stubborn thigh fat whilst building muscle to give a more toned appearance.
  • Can target inner/outer thighs, back/front of thighs and your calves.
  • Can be used to strengthen the muscles in your calves

Please note, it’s important that any new mums ensure that the breastfeeding process has come to an end before opting for EMSculpt NEO.

Emsculpt Neo

The EMSculpt procedure can be suitable for most people who are looking to reduce deposits of pinchable excess fat, as well as to create a firmer and toned look to the body. The results can help to enhance the efforts of regular exercise or visits to the gym, and produce a body form that has better contouring and definition.

EMSculpt has an excellent safety record and many patients have achieved the outcome they expect. The treatment should always be administered by a trained practitioner who fully understands the procedure.

When our patients come for an EMSculpt procedure, they often say how relaxing it is. The treatment delivers an intense workout to the body, without the sweating and getting out of breath.

Your muscles may feel fatigued after the treatment. This temporary effect usually only lasts for a couple of days, and most gym-goers will find this can be a common side effect of intense activity.

There is typically not much to consider by way of aftercare, with EMSculpt. It may be advisable however, not to overdo it if you experience achy or fatigued muscles.

There is typically not much to consider by way of aftercare, with EMSculpt. It may be advisable however, not to overdo it if you experience achy or fatigued muscles.

Why Harley Street injectables

• Our highly trained and certified London Doctors and nurses perform over 5000+ Botox treatments annually.

• We tailor the injection approach to suit your aesthetic goals.

• Our London nurses and Doctors use the latest techniques such as the brow lift method, and continually stay up to date with current trends.

• We have a thorough understanding of the muscle anatomy to avoid unforeseen sided effects.

• The products we use are of the highest quality and are genuine Allergan.


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