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Bespoke Lip Flip Treatments

Botox lip flips are a quick, pain free non-surgical cosmetic procedure during which a medical professional uses a small amount of Botox to make your upper lip look fuller. A lip flip is a quick, in-clinic cosmetic procedure that takes about 10 to 20 minutes. It involves the injection of Botox into your Cupid’s bow, which is the middle of your upper lip, and into the corners of your mouth. The injection temporarily relaxes the muscles around your lip. This causes the part of your upper lip that’s inside your mouth to “flip” upward and outward, giving your lip a fuller appearance

To decide whether a lip flip is the right procedure for you we would need you to come in for a consultation with one of our experienced medical practitioners

Who’s a good
candidate for the procedure?

People who opt for the lip flip procedure include those who:

• are hoping to achieve fuller lips without dermal filler
• think their upper lip “disappears” when they smile
• want their smile to appear less gummy which is when your smile shows more of your gums than you’d like

Generally, the effects of the procedure last for 8 to 12 weeks. If you’re looking for a more permanent option lip filler might be a more suitable option for you.

What’s the difference
between a lip flip and a dermal filler?

Lip flips and dermal fillers both result in fuller-looking lips. But the procedures differ. While lip flips only appear to make lips plumper, dermal filler actually make lips fuller. With Lip filler, a medical professional will inject your lips with a substance made mostly of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps give your skin structure and a hydrated appearance.

Lip flips, on the other hand, use a small amount of Botox to relax the muscles around your upper lip so it turns upward. This makes your lip look fuller, but its actual volume doesn’t increase; it just gets rearranged. If you want to truly change the shape and volume of your lips, dermal fillers may be a better choice for you.

Botox options in the lips

A lip flip is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that can help people achieve a fuller upper lip without dermal filler. The procedure involves Botox injections into your upper lip to relax the muscles and “flip” your lip upward. It’s a less expensive option than a dermal filler because it uses very few units of Botox.

One or two units of Botox are needed to fix a gummy smile. Botox is injected in the area between your upper lip and nose to temporarily freeze the muscles that contract or elevate when you smile which allows you to smile without showing your gums

A Downturned Mouth is often the result of excessive downward pull by muscles attached to the corners of your mouth. Loss of volume and structure in the soft tissues that support your mouth can also be the cause – without good support, the corners of the mouth simply fall down and create a sad look. Botox® can be placed into the muscle that acts to pull the corners of the mouth down. This is generally done in combination with filler for optimal results, but can be done alone

Frequentley asked Questions

Botox is a brand name. Other brands approved in the UK are: Dysport, Azzalure, Bocouture and Xeomin. The medical name of the drug is Botulin Toxin Type A which is derived from Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium. It’s naturally found in soil, lakes, and forests. Botox is a prescription medication which is why it’s so important that you get Botox treatments from a trained professional. They are knowledgeable about the appropriate dosage and know where to inject the Botox to relax particular muscles

Botox Cosmetic works by temporarily reducing the actions of the muscles that cause the persistent frown lines that have developed between your brows over time. With Botox Cosmetic, these muscles can be weakened without detracting from your facial expressiveness.

It’s a simple, 10-minute treatment for moderate to severe frown lines between the brows that consist of a few tiny injections.

The doctor or nurse will remove any makeup and wash the areas that you will have injected.  Once seated upright, your practitioner will have you contract the muscle in the area being treated so she can better target the injection into the muscle. For example, you will be asked to frown if you’re receiving injections for wrinkles between the eyes. A series of tiny injections will follow for each treatment area.

Your Botox appointment will take about a half hour from start to finish, depending on the number of areas being treated. As soon as the series of injections is completed, you can go back to your regular activities. Your practitioner will ask you to refrain from bending or laying down for approximately six hours.

Anesthesia is not required and most patients experience only minimal and brief discomfort. Your provider may choose to numb the area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream prior to injecting.

Side effects are minimal and typically relate to the local injection. Soreness or mild bruising, while uncommon, may occur around the injection site. Makeup may be worn after treatment if applied by the doctor or nurse with our special post procedure makeup, but care should be taken to avoid pressing or massaging the area for several hours. In rare instances, patients may develop temporary weakness of the neighbouring muscles, a temporary droopy brow or eyelid, or a headache. This is why it is so important to see a trained medical professional like the staff at Harley Street Injectables.

You should start to see a visible improvement in the treated areas within a week. The area may continue to improve for up to two weeks.

When administered properly, the effects of your Botox Cosmetic treatment can last up to 3 months. If you do not continue treatments, your wrinkles will gradually look like they did before treatment.

Why Harley Street injectables

• Our highly trained and certified London Doctors and nurses perform over 5000+ Botox treatments annually.

• We tailor the injection approach to suit your aesthetic goals.

• Our London nurses and Doctors use the latest techniques such as the brow lift method, and continually stay up to date with current trends.

• We have a thorough understanding of the muscle anatomy to avoid unforeseen sided effects.

• The products we use are of the highest quality and are genuine Allergan.


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Harley Street Injectables are rated an average

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