Where can Botox be used in the face ? Do you have insecurities on your face which you wish you could alter? There are so many different Botox treatments just on the face which can be performed to take you that one step closer to achieving your ideal look. Botox is the answer to all of your prayers!

Although each cosmetic treatment has a different result. You can have injectables in your upper face, lower face and around your eyes. Botox is used for three main purposes: muscle spasm control, to stop excessive sweating and cosmetic improvement. 

Each treatment works by directly injecting into the facial muscles, blocking the nerves, resulting in the muscles tensions relaxing in the skin. As a result of this your expressions are much softer, and your dynamic facial expressions are instantly calmed down. 

Botox in the Upper face. 

This is where the best results are found, injections in the upper face are the most popular cosmetic procedure. The injection sites vary, dermal fillers can be injected into the Frown lines (between eyebrows), Forehead Lines and the Bunny Lines (Top of the Nose). This is usually where most insecurities lie, and correcting wrinkles on the forehead can have an excellent outcome, leaving clients extremely satisfied. Do you feel like you constantly look tired, unhappy or angry? You should consider looking for the temporary smoothing of your frown lines. Or you might find that you want to treat your forehead creases to achieve a much younger look. 

Botox in the Lower Face.

Most insecurities lie within our looks, especially our face. Everybody has their own insecurities which they aren’t happy with. It could be as small as being self-conscious about your jawline, the fact that your top lip is smaller than your bottom lip. Or a small bump on your nose, most of which other people don’t even notice. Botox injections can change these small insecurities, giving you more confidence in your own skin! Lower Face treatments can include having injectables on your lipstick line, Chin, Jawline and Neck or essentially anything you feel needs improving. Before getting a treatment, take into consideration the outcome you wish to achieve and research or talk to our specialist team about any questions you could have.

Botox around your Eyes.  

Do you want to reposition/ modify your eyebrows? Or have you considered injectables in the lines and wrinkles around your eyes or under your eyes? As long as your skin isn’t too loose, we can correct all of your insecurities. Reducing the fine lines under your eyes. Have you found that with age, your eyes have become constantly droopy and therefore the skin around them has started to fall? 

If this is a self confidence issue for you. Then we suggest you research into the exact treatment you want and get in touch with our team today! 

These injections take around 10 minutes and you should see instant results within the first few days. You may experience some side effects but please take these into consideration when deciding to go through with the procedure.