This Profhilo treatment at Harley Street Injectables is a unique and innovative approach to anti-ageing and ageing skin. Profhilo® is an injectable treatment, therefore it can specifically target the layers beneath the skin, in doing so it is able to hydrate and stimulate the skin’s natural elasticity and nourish dermal cells, restoring firmness of the skin.

Profhilo works by stimulating your skin to produce additional collagen and elastin, drawing significant moisture to the treated area and providing an excellent lifting, tightening and skin boosting effect.

It is a pure product without any chemical additives making it secure, offering greater safety and reduced side effects. We want our clients to feel safe throughout their treatment without the risk of leaving the clinic worse off than when they arrived.

This is the perfect treatment for those who want to minimise the signs of ageing without having to go under the knife and risk scarring and complications. This treatment is minimally invasive and doesn’t require any downtime to ensure the treatment works successfully – you are good to go as soon as you walk out of the clinic.

The recommendation is of two treatments one month apart, each treatment consists of just five injection points on each side of the face, offering maximum treatment comfort, and minimal downtime. Many people like this alternative to facial surgery as it takes little time and little management after the treatment period. Within 2 treatments you can see a difference to the appearance on the face and see the results you desired – a radiant, youthful, bright skin appearance. Having a treatment doesn’t have to be daunting, we make treatments an enjoyable experience that are relaxing and comforting – you will be excited for your upcoming treatment instead of worried about irregular results that do not meet your desired altered appearance.

Areas Treated/Injection sites

  •  face
  •  neck
  • hands

To find out more please call our clinic to book a no obligation consultation to discuss the treated areas.

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