Aqua Gold Facial

Aqua Gold Facial

The Luxury Aqua Gold Super Facial –  The luxury Aqua Gold Super Facial is a 24-carat gold medical facial device designed to deliver a bespoke blend of skincare, favoured by Hollywood elite including Kim Kardashian and super-models that want to achieve an effortless glow. It is also one of the favoured treatments for celebrities before attending the annual Met Gala to ensure they are looking red carpet ready – there is no such thing as a bad angle after this treatment.

This new revolutionary luxury micro- infusion delivery mechanism is a patented innovative device made to provide a truly remarkable customised facial treatment to the surface of the skin and the deeper layers of the skin to improve skin tone – CE marked and FDA approved. We have three specially formulated skin boosting cocktails we can infuse through the device to the face and neck, which are bespoke to Harley Street Injectables

Our Celebrity injector Alice Henshaw is now available at our Harley Street Clinic and is exclusive to our business with your treatment in her skilled hands. We have Three specially formulated cocktails for you to choose from and each is infused through our patented innovative device and is bespoke to your requirements. Whether your concerns are dry, dull skin, or oily, acne prone skin, we can help you achieve the desired results by tailoring the treatment to your specific areas of concern. 

Please book a consultation to find out if this treatment is right for you. Our practitioners are very experienced in knowing the perfect treatment for each individual client. If you are unsure on which treatment is best to combat your concern then our skilled professionals will be able to advise you on which treatment to choose without a problem. 

Our line is always open for questions and concerns before you book a consultation, however our extremely detailed consultation period should answer all your questions – even ones you didn’t know you needed the answer to.

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