Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Acne and Acne scar treatment are one of our specialties at Harley Street Injectables. The first step is to determine whether you need oral medication or treatment or a combination of both and this can only be determined during a skin analysis and face to face consultation. 

Acne treatments range from oral antibiotics, chemical peels, fractional laser treatment and extractions. Acne scars occur because of abnormal collagen production during healing. Teenage acne is a major cause for many adults being left with unsightly acne scars that need acne scar treatment, even after the active acne has been successfully treated. 

We know that many of our clients have insecurities due to acne scarring and we know that we can eliminate those insecurities to unleash your confidence and beauty. We don’t want to hide imperfections, we want to make them easier for you to live with and enjoy looking at your appearance again.

Treating acne scarring can be very hard depending on the type of scar and type of acne, its appearance can be vastly improved when combining treatments that are aimed at the formation of new collagen production to improve the appearance and skin tone. Our aim here at Harley Street Injectables is to help you fall in love with yourself again and target the insecurities that are holding you back from being a new confident you.

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