Skincare expert reveals why we should spring clean our beauty stash (Daily Mail Uk)

If you’re lusting after healthy, plump and glowing skin this spring, listen up.

External aggressors, caffeine, hormones, too much alcohol and high-stress levels can often leave our skin a little dull and lacklustre. The good news is there are plenty of beauty products that can do wonders for dehydrated and dull complexions.

As well as incorporating skincare products that aim to deeply hydrate and transform dull skin, Alice Henshaw, skin expert and owner of Harley Street Injectables, explains the importance of spring cleaning your beauty stash. ‘Throw out anything over six months old,’ she advises.

Not only do products lose their efficiency over time, they also become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria, which could transfer onto your face and cause a whole host of unwanted skin problems.

Alice, who is currently offering free virtual skin consultations, also recommends washing makeup brushes weekly with hand soap and drying them using a blow-dryer. ‘Something that’s so simple can have a huge impact on the overall health of skin,’ she says.

Ahead, Alice shares her go-to skincare products for maintaining clear, glowing skin this spring.

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Article by : Alice Henshaw
Article by : Alice Henshaw

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