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Discover the transformative power of IV Vitamin Drips at our wellness clinic. Our treatments are designed to invigorate your body, mind, and skin by directly infusing essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals into your bloodstream.

IV Vitamin Drip Options

Our Unique Approach

Bespoke Blends: Each IV Vitamin Drip is a bespoke blend, carefully crafted to meet a range of wellness needs. These infusions are not just about hydration but about complete revitalization. Whether you’re recovering from illness, combating jet lag, seeking an immunity boost, or desiring a more refreshed complexion, our drips are tailored to provide the nourishment and care your body needs.


Wellness Myers

Best for: Lack of energy, fatigue, hangover, jet lag, vegans, vitamin B deficiency, digestion aid, anti-ageing.

Revitalize your body with our Wellness Myers IV drip. This antioxidant-rich infusion contains a blend of B vitamins, magnesium, and energy-boosting amino acids. It’s designed to restore energy levels, increase metabolism, and aid digestion. The powerful antioxidants reduce oxidative stress and repair cellular damage, making it an ideal solution for a busy lifestyle.



Best for: Enhancing immune response, lack of energy, fatigue, hangover, jet lag, vegans, vitamin B deficiency, digestion aid, anti-ageing.

Boost your immune system with our Immunity drip. It infuses your body with a blend of antioxidants, amino acids, and a high dose of B vitamins, optimizing your immunity response and maintaining your health and vigour.



Best for: Muscle recovery, fatigue, dehydration.

Ideal for athletes, this drip replenishes your body with electrolyte-fortified fluids and antioxidants. It assists in recovery by providing essential hydration, salts, B vitamins, and amino acids, enhancing athletic performance and recovery time.



Best for: detoxifications, hangovers, weight-loss assisting, inflammation, recovery

Supercharge your detox from within with this powerful blend of high-strength antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. Our Detox drip provides the ultimate detoxification and supports the repair of cellular damage.


  • Glutathione: Reduces minor skin imperfections, produces an overall brighter complexion – all  while improving uneven skin tone. It has a beneficial effect on cystic acne, the occasional breakout and fatigue.
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid: With strong antioxidant properties, this add on can reduce inflammation and skin ageing, promote healthy nerve function, lower heart disease risk factors, and slow the progression of memory loss disorders.
  • Vitamin C: Also known as ascorbic acid, this vitamin is essential for growth, development and repair of all body tissues. Improves immune system functioning, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth.
  • Vitamin D: Supports brain, immune and nervous system health. Also being able to regulate the  calcium and phosphate in the body, these nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.
  • B12: Vitamin B12 helps your body use fat and carbohydrates for energy and stimulates new protein. It is also important for normal blood, cells, and nerves.
  • B5: Mainly used as a moisturising ingredient, it hydrates the skin. As a humectant, it attracts moisture and holds water in the skin, allowing the skin to produce moisture and hydrate from within.
  • Biotin: Regulates metabolism levels, protects the heart, promotes brain function, boosts immunity power, reduces blood sugar levels and controls diabetes. Some studies have shown increased levels of Biotin can strengthen fingernails and stimulate hair growth.
1 час
4-6 months
4-6 treatments
4-6 недель
No downtime

Почему инъекции Harley Street

  • Over 5000 treatments performed annually by our certified London Doctors and nurses.
  • Customized injection approach to meet individual aesthetic goals.
  • Continuous update on the latest techniques and trends.
  • In-depth understanding of muscle anatomy for minimal side effects.
  • Our drips are genuine Intravita drips made in Germany
  • Vitamin IV Drips allow for 100% absorption of our bespoke vitamin therapy blend.
  • We boost your treatment with Glutathione and other add-ons to optimise your results.
  • Our IV vitamin drips are curated, and we recommend the ingredients that suit your needs and concerns.
  • The treatment is safe, and our injector has over ten years of experience performing injectable treatments.


Начинать с £400

IV Drip course of 6

Начинать с £2200

Booster shot

Начинать с £180

Часто спросил Вопросы

The results can last between 4-6 months, depending on the individual and the type of drip.

No, there is no downtime. You can resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment.

We recommend 4-6 treatments for the best results, with final outcomes visible in 4-6 weeks.

Yes, our treatments are performed by highly experienced medical professionals using CE marked products made in Germany.

Our Fat Burner IV drip is designed to aid in detoxification and stimulate the metabolism, which can assist in the fat-burning process.

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