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We all aspire for that smooth, glowy skin like all the celebrities, models and influencers seem to have, that perfect makeup application and looking like you have a daily filter. Though it feels like a new concept in the beauty world, dermaplaning has been around for centuries; Cleopatra was the known to have been the original advocate for the treatment to achieve a flawless appearance and through many cultures this has it has been a long standing tradition. Since the global pandemic, the knowledge of this treatment has become one of the biggest high profile skin treatments and almost all our bride to be clients here at Harley Street Injectables are booking in to look radiantly smooth for their wedding day. 

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Our entire bodies are covered in hair, except our palms, soles of our feet and lips. Hair is to protect and add warmth to our bodies but for many people, removing hair is desirable for other benefits. Our faces are the most exposed part of our bodies to the environment, pollution, toxins, UV damage and many also daily apply skincare but also makeup. Over time the skin can build a thicker layer of dead skin, look dull, dry and without using clinical recommended skincare or having regular treatments to help remove the build up then our skin can further result in congestion, breakouts and appearing older than we may want it to look. Hair can trap a lot of bacteria and even hold onto makeup even when we think we have removed it and result in unwanted acne, milia and blackheads.  

Our Filter Facial is a non-invasive way to superficially remove our unwanted facial fluff known as vellus hair and exfoliate and even out your outer layer of skin. The concept is painless, almost relaxing where your practitioner uses a medical blade at a 45-degree angle to scrap along the entire skin on your face. We do this method on cleansed, dry skin and then followed with a mild peel or hydration mask to further renew the skin and offer a better result. Like an exfoliation where it removes that outer barrier that often slow down skincare penetration, therefore this well even out the skins appearance giving you a much healthier tone and will offer and faster delivery system for skincare but a perfect canvas for makeup application. 

Depending on our heritage, genetics, and ethnicity, our vellus hairs vary is pigmentation and for some this may appear darker when for those with fairer hairs, under natural daylight we may feel we look fluffier. We are also discovering more and more women are being diagnosed with having hormonal imbalances which can result in terminal (thicker/dark) hairs growing along the chin, lower face area which can increase insecurities. Harley Street Injectables offer Permanent Hair Reduction with a medical grade Cutera Laser for those who want to treat unwanted hairs but during any laser hair removal, you can’t psychically pull out the hair by any means so that’s why our Filter Facial is perfect in combination to keep those hormonal terminal hairs hidden from surface.  

Our Filter Facial is safe for all ages, genders, pregnancy, and breastfeeding safe who are wanting that instant radiant smooth complexion and incredibly popular for women after menopause as a woman’s body stops circulating estrogen but continues to circulate the small percentage of testosterone which is enough to increase unwanted facial hair. The one thing we get asked the most is, ‘Will my hair grow back thicker or darker?’ Simple answer is absolutely not; we are not plucking or pulling out the hairs in any form which can change the cells and stimulate a terminal hair. As we are targeting vellus hairs but can treat hormonal stimulated hairs on women, these hairs will simply grow back without being noticed by touch between each treatment.  

Treatment Length

Each treatment we allocate 1 hour to perform the Dermaplaning and individually suited peel/hydration mask for our clients as we tailor those clients who are pregnant/breastfeeding further a safely selected peel. Your skin roughly 2-3days post treatment will go through a slight dry stage that will last on average 24/48hrs which is why for any special event, The Filter Facial is recommended 1 week prior. We recommend this being a monthly treatment to maintain optimal benefits. 

What are the risks during the treatment?

Here at Harley Street Injectables, we use individually once used medical blades, unlike those you can buy over the counter which people reuse and can cause Folliculitis. There is always a risk that if the patient suddenly moves, you can delicately cut them which is why we encourage our clients to close their eyes, relax and enjoy the treatment. This procedure exposes fresh, hair free smooth skin so we encourage that first 24hrs to not overheat the face (sauna and apply anything that could risk any infection such as applying makeup with an uncleansed brush.



НЕТ. ПРОЦЕДУРContinuous to maintain results 

ОКОНЧАТЕЛЬНЫЕ РЕЗУЛЬТАТЫ1 week post treatment 

ПРОСТОИNo downtime just mindful of excess heat for 24hrs 

Completely safe for both pregnant or breast-feeding women, however not recommended for active acne patients or those with open wounds or infections in the zone(s) to be treated 

Filter Facial £300 per session 

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• Наши высококвалифицированные и сертифицированные лондонские врачи и медсестры ежегодно проводят более 5000 процедур ботокса.

• Мы адаптируем подход к инъекциям в соответствии с вашими эстетическими целями.

• Наши лондонские медсестры и врачи используют новейшие методы, такие как метод подтяжки бровей, и постоянно следят за последними тенденциями.

• У нас есть полное понимание анатомии мышц, чтобы избежать непредвиденных побочных эффектов.

• Используемые нами продукты отличаются высочайшим качеством и являются подлинными продуктами Allergan.

Filter Facial £300 per session

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