Lip Filler and Dissolving: What You Need to Know.

Beauty trends are perpetually changing, and the lip filler trend is no exception. Having evolved over time, we look to celebrities and influencers as inspiration to what we can achieve using lip filler. Overindulgent lip plumping has been a popular option for many years. But with celebrities who once donned this look, such as Kylie Jenner, dissolving their filler to attain a more subtle and natural appearance, we are now reassessing our own features. Those who have had considerable amounts of filler injected are now looking to dissolve and refill their lips to enhance their natural features rather than blowing them out of proportion.


With lip filler trends having us reflect on what exactly we wish to achieve when booking a filler treatment, Alice at Harley Street Injectables believes that the sensible approach is to focus on attaining a timeless look. There’s no denying that natural beauty is always on-trend! By using soft rejuvenation to balance lip ratio for a fuller appearance rather than an overdone look, this will accentuate the unique beauty you already behold.


“Less is more when it comes to filler. Your friends shouldn’t be asking you if you’ve had your lips done. Instead, you should be getting endless, flattering compliments on how good you look without suspicion,” says Alice.


Whether you are considering lip filler for the first time, looking to refill, or have had a lip filler fail and are thinking about dissolving and refilling, we’ve got you covered. Here, we share the top things to know about lip filler and dissolving so that you go into your appointment feeling confident about your decision and leave with that confidence radiating from your smile.


How Lip Filler Works

Lip filler is a minimally-invasive technique, using hyaluronic acid to volumise, contour and rejuvenate the lips. When done correctly, lip filler can achieve a youthful and natural appearance, bringing you a new confidence. Alice numbs her patient’s lips with a topical cream before injecting the filler to ease any uncomfortableness during the treatment. It is considered a relatively pain-free treatment and depending on the individual, some experience no pain.


What Lip Filler is Right for Me?

Harley Street Injectables uses Juvederm for lip fillers, which is a hyaluronic acid filler naturally derived from plants. Juvederm is FDA-approved, meaning it is one of the safest lip fillers available.


A Registered Medical Practitioner is Essential

A Google search of ‘lip filler near me’ will bring up hundreds of businesses. However, not all businesses are equal. When it comes to personal work like lip fillers, you should always book your appointment with a registered medical practitioner. Alice not only has the qualification and experience behind her, but she understands the anatomy of the face and what to do if a rare vascular occlusion (blood clotting) or compromise occurs. Some clinics might offer one follow up after the treatment, but when a problem occurs, they’re nowhere to be seen. As a leader in the injectable cosmetics industry, Alice prides herself on her commitment and dedication to her clients, offering her genuine support long after the initial treatment. She is on the pulse of any questions her clients might have pre and post lip filler and dissolving treatments. Compromising quality and opting for a cheap alternative can be damaging to your self-esteem if you end up unhappy with your treatment. It can also end up costing you more if you have to fix any imperfections.



Lip Filler Shapes: Deciding on What Look You Want to Achieve

Aim to enhance your natural features, not diminish them – the best thing about you is your individuality! Everyone has their own goals; however, the golden rule to follow for the perfect pout ratio is a 1/3 volume for the upper lip and 2/3 volume for the lower lip. If you have a great injector, your results of soft rejuvenation should complement your features, highlighting them subtlety enough to receive beautiful compliments without the suspicion that you’ve had any major work done.









Post-Treatment: Side Effects or Bad Filler Work?

It’s normal to have slight swelling post-treatment; however, there shouldn’t be unusual bumps in the lips at two weeks post-treatment. Lumpy, uneven or disproportionate lips are the result of incorrect injection by someone who is under-qualified. You can avoid unpleasant side effects when working with a registered medical practitioner.


Lip Filler Fail: The Right Practitioner Can Fix A Bad Filler Job

If you get filler and aren’t happy with the results, a six to 24-month wait for it to wear off isn’t desirable. Luckily, lip filler dissolving is easily done by a trusted practitioner who can then refill with new product to achieve the incredible results you wanted in the beginning.

To dissolve filler, injections of hyaluronidase are needed to break down the filler to return your lips to their natural state. The hyaluronidase enzymes continue to dissolve the filler after you leave the clinic. In a few days your lips will be back to normal. With a blank canvas, a trusted practitioner can then access your lips and recommend a suitable treatment that will have you finally feeling satisfied with your pillowy and perfectly-proportioned pout.









Does Lip Filler Dissolving Hurt?

Like all cosmetic injectables treatments, depending on an individual’s pain threshold, some irritation and pain can occur during a lip filler dissolving treatment. Alice takes the time to explain to her patients the risks associated with dissolving, offering guidance on how to look after lips post-treatment. There is a low but potential risk of an allergic reaction, but occasionally clients will experience minor swelling or bruising, which subsides in a few days as the hyaluronidase continues to dissolve the filler.


Final Thoughts

A smile reflects confidence and personality, so you need to be in the right hands when organising lip fillers. If you’re ready to explore your pout’s potential, Alice at Harley Street Injectables welcomes you into her beautiful Marylebone clinic to discuss your desired look today.

Article by : Candice
Article by : Candice

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