Have you ever wondered which Celebrities have had Botox ? A-list celebrities are constantly under a magnifying glass in the public eye. This piles on huge  amounts of pressure when it comes to their personal appearance. It comes as no surprise that A-Listers and models are turning to Botox to solve their own personal insecurities.

Queen of Instagram

Kim Kardashian-West, Queen of Instagram, with over 160 million followers has built her whole brand off her toned shape and perfect appearance. From a young age Kim Kardashian-West has been well known for having Plastic surgery to maintain her flawless looks. Getting the treatment early to prevent wrinkles in future years. Her perfect body and flawless skin are the focal point of her appearance. Having Botox allows her to keep up with her perfect image which is frequently all over social media and in the press. The Kardashians are open about the work they’ve had done, and have admitted the pressure has led to them turning to Botox and Fillers.   

The life of an Instagram influencer is now a full time career. The additional pressure of constantly looking perfect is what their careers are based around. Having a high profile on social media automatically comes with thousands of opinions both good and bad. In some cases, negative comments confirm the individual’s insecurities. Which leads to them turning to Botox to correct all of their highlighted flaws. 

It takes a lot of hard work to keep up with the ‘perfect’ appearance. This is why influencers turn to injectables as its an essential which makes their appearance easier to maintain.

Wrinkle Free Appearance

Former Spice Girls singer, Victoria Beckham, is rumoured to have the same cosmetic surgeon as Kim Kardashian-West. Posh spice’s overall youthful and wrinkle free appearance is seemingly natural looking. Including the subtle work on her now, frown free forehead. Cosmetic Surgery is easy to access at an affordable price.It’s getting increasingly harder to tell which celebrities features are god given and which have been purchased. Botox injections have now adopted a more natural approach making a huge comeback with its natural results. 

Simon Cowell is the perfect example of a high profile male celebrity having cosmetic procedures and erasing his wrinkles. The formally female dominated treatment is now highly popular in the industry with men. It’s no longer seen as something only women have done. Nowadays everyone gets it done!

A List Celebrities

Have you ever wondered which Celebrities have had Botox? Originally it was only A-List celebrities such as Courteney Cox, Cameron Diaz and Gwenith Paltrow and many more started off the Botox trends. In the Celebrity industry the pressure piles on and injectables are now seen as the most recent go to beauty essential in the decade becoming more fashionable and on trend. Now it’s not just celebrities who have these muscle freezing injections, Botox is now super accessible and ordinary people are influenced and put under pressure to keep up with the ‘perfect appearance’. 

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