Contrary to the popular saying – beauty is skin-deep. Facial aesthetic experts are putting all their efforts to change the way external appearance is perceived. One of the most sought-after specialists making a difference with her approach to physical appearances is the London based, Alice Henshaw, owner and founder of Harley Street Injectables.

At the age of 34, Alice has single-handedly built her successful clinic from the ground up with no help or financial assistance. She has been nominated two years in a row for the prestigious London awards – Safety in Beauty and has been published as an author in the Aesthetics Journal. She has one of the most successful cosmetic clinics in London and is due to launch her skincare brand “skincycles” this year.

During her early years, Alice did her bachelor’s degree in Auckland New Zealand, and worked as a cardiac nurse before moving to England. She completed her masters in London, United Kingdom, and worked at numerous cosmetic clinics on the prestigious Harley Street. It was here she developed a special interest in the medical aesthetic industry.

During her time working in the industry, she saw the lack of personal, tailored injectable treatments and wanted to be able to offer her clientele a more tailored, bespoke, and quality service. Alice’s passion for each client, the aftercare service, and her expertise to say no to a client when she believes a treatment is not in the best interest for them separates her from the ‘profit, not people’ clinics.

Coming from a small country like New Zealand, Alice had to learn to compete in the global city of London where big business dominates. To establish her successful practice in the field of Facial Aesthetics, Alice additionally had to carve out a role in the market dominated by men. Consistency and ambition to perfect her skills and the drive to stay ahead by delivering value to the clients have been the cornerstone of her success.

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