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Stubborn Fat Treatment

A person’s body will create fat cells at only two developmental stages in life. The first stage occurs during embryotic development in utero (development in the uterus). The
second stage of development occurs when one goes through puberty. Shedding excess weight can prove difficult as genetics, age, diet and loss of mobility are all risk factors for fat accumulation. All too often individuals look for alternative options such as liposuction to help remove excess and/or unwanted fat. Noninvasive treatments use thermal manipulation techniques and fat-targeting molecules to remove the fat and improve body contour.

What are the Symptoms?

As you fluctuate in weight, your fat cells expand and shrink accordingly. However, sometimes these fat cells accumulate in unwanted areas and don’t appear to diminish with weight loss. Stubborn fat can accumulate in many areas like under the chin (double chin), around the back and bra line (bra rolls), on the chest (gynecomastia), around the navel and stomach, on the hips (muffin top), on the thighs and arms.

Who it can Affect?

Some people are predisposed to fat distribution in certain areas. For example, the unforgiving layer of extra fat around the chin is something that is often linked with genetics, and the aesthetic appearance can also worsen when you have skin laxity and a weak jawline.

Weight fluctuations happen to everyone and are affected by diet and exercise, though certain factors can play a part in how the fat settles on the body. Hormones like oestrogen and androgens can encourage the retention of fat, while hormones like leptin can affect your appetite. Additionally, as you age, metabolism slows down, and you’re more likely to put on weight.


Diet and exercise can cause stubborn fat which is also known as subcutaneous fat. This type of fat can tend to deposit in unwanted areas and can be difficult to shift through diet and exercise alone. The amount of stubborn fat you have will be mostly dependent on a poor diet and lack of exercise, so to lose weight, you should introduce a calorie deficit and do any exercise that will increase your heart rate. Certain types of hormones can encourage fat to accumulate and distribute in unwanted areas. Those who are obese or overweight will have higher concentrations of certain hormones present. They can also influence your appetite and metabolism. With a slower metabolism, you’re more likely to gain weight.

Diets that are high in sodium can cause water retention and bloating areas like under the chin, exaggerating the increase in size. The aesthetic appearance can also be affected by loose skin.

خيارات العلاج

Our practitioners will advise you if you are an appropriate candidate for Botox injections for hyperhidrosis. Botox injections use botulinum toxin to block the nerve signals responsible for sweating, stopping the sweat glands from producing too much sweat. In some cases our practitioners may also advise to use prescription strength antiperspirants


The CLATUU Alpha treatment remodels the shape of the body using a non-invasive cooling procedure that targets fat cells. This leaves surrounding tissue unharmed, making CLATUU a perfect alternative to liposuction for those who want great results without potentially risky invasive treatment. The latest generation technology also offers a 360 suction cup for greater efficiency and precision. Combined with acoustic wave therapy, both methods assure the fat deposits and lymph is guided towards lymph nodes for excellent results. Generally, each treatment yields between 25-30% reduction of stubborn fat content of a particular target area of the body.

If you keep up with new eating habits and workouts recommended by your doctor after treatment, expect impressive fat reduction changes over the course of 4 weeks up to the 3-month mark.

Cooling cups generate freezing temperatures into your stubborn fat. The CLATUU Alpha suctions your skin and subcutaneous layers. Cooling energy then freezes fat deposits to induce apoptosis. Crystallised fat cells die off through the body’s natural metabolism. Remaining fat in the target area becomes leaner and less dense.

Results vary from patient to patient. The permanency of the treatment is also variable depending on the patient’s aftercare efforts and limitations of treatment.

There needs to be a four week gaps between treatments to fully assess the effects.

Results can be experienced within as little as three days.


The aqueous solution works to dissolve fat cells which are liquefied and transported out of the body through the lymphatic system. It’s a minimally invasive injectable solution that will eliminate small stubborn areas of fat. Treatable areas include double chin (fat under the chin), moobs (gynecomastia), bra rolls (fat rolls around bra line) armpits and knees.

Results may be seen after just one treatment after around four to five weeks and will improve with a course of treatments. Results are variable and depend on a variety of factors such as: how much pre-existing fat you have, your age, lifestyle, the stability of membranes, and whether you gain weight after treatment. We encourage you to maintain a stable weight following your Aqualyx treatment to benefit from the results.

The aqueous solution works to dissolve fat cells that liquify and leave the body through the lymphatic system.

Results vary from patient to patient. The permanency of the treatment is also variable depending on the patient’s aftercare efforts and limitations of treatment.

For optimal results, a patient will require 3-8 sessions. These sessions should be every 6 weeks.

إمسكولبت نيو

السيلوليت هو حالة جلدية شائعة جدًا وغير ضارة تسبب تكتلًا في اللحم على الفخذين والوركين والأرداف والبطن. الحالة أكثر انتشارًا عند النساء. العلاج ليس ضروريًا. ولكن إذا كنت قلقًا بشأن مظهر بشرتك ، فلدينا العديد من خيارات العلاج في عيادتنا.

يمكن أن يكون إجراء EMSculpt مناسبًا لمعظم الأشخاص الذين يتطلعون إلى تقليل رواسب الدهون الزائدة القابلة للنقر ، وكذلك لإضفاء مظهر أكثر ثباتًا وتناغمًا على الجسم. يمكن أن تساعد النتائج في تعزيز جهود التمرين المنتظم أو زيارات الصالة الرياضية ، وإنتاج شكل جسم به تحديد أفضل.

يتمتع EMSculpt بسجل أمان ممتاز وقد حقق العديد من المرضى النتيجة التي يتوقعونها. يجب أن يُدار العلاج دائمًا من قبل ممارس مدرب يفهم الإجراء تمامًا.

عندما يأتي مرضانا لإجراء عملية EMSculpt ، فإنهم غالبًا ما يقولون كم هو مريح. يوفر العلاج تمرينًا مكثفًا للجسم ، دون التعرق أو التنفس.

قد تشعر عضلاتك بالتعب بعد العلاج. عادة ما يستمر هذا التأثير المؤقت لبضعة أيام فقط ، وسيجد معظم رواد الصالة الرياضية أن هذا يمكن أن يكون أحد الآثار الجانبية الشائعة للنشاط المكثف.

عادة لا يوجد الكثير للنظر فيه عن طريق الرعاية اللاحقة ، مع EMSculpt. ومع ذلك ، قد يكون من المستحسن عدم المبالغة في ذلك إذا كنت تعاني من آلام أو إرهاق في العضلات.

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